Questions & Answers About Our Lawn Care Program

Are all the treatments necessary?

Each treatment is seasonally designed to take care of your lawn’s needs at the precise time they need attention. Taking less than the full program can compromise the quality of your lawn. Skipping a treatment also voids our guarantee for the remainder of the season.

Will my lawn be totally weed and insect free?

No lawn care service can promise this—not even the experts at Liqui-Chem. By using the very best of materials we feel that we can reduce the population of weeds and insects to the point that they are not visually noticeable or damaging. If at any time you feel the treatments are not effectively managing the weed and insect populations, please give us a call.

What if I can’t water my lawn?

Are the materials Liqui-Chem uses harmful to my pets or children?

Will I be left instructions after each treatment?

How does Liqui-Chem control weeds?

Can I expect my lawn to look better after each year of service?

How will we be billed for the treatments?

Does Liqui-Chem guarantee its service?

What do I, as a customer, do if I am unhappy with the results?

Will my lawn always be green, Spring, Summer and Fall?

How long should it take to service my lawn?

May I have extra service for special problems?

Yes, Liqui-Chem offers additional services such as:

  1. Season-long fire ant control (FIPRONIL)
  2. Fungicide application for disease control
  3. Granular Organic based fertilizer blend to give your lawn an extra boost
  4. 100% Natural Organic Granular application to add life-giving nutrients to depleted soil.

These special applications are provided for you at your request at an additional charge.

Does Liqui-Chem offer core aeration?

Yes. Liqui-Chem offers core aeration in LATE FALL to aid in thatch control. This service will help to increase air and water penetration in the soil which will enable your lawn to build stronger and deeper root systems. We recommend that you mow your lawn one notch closer and bag clippings prior to having this service to optimize results. We will send a reminder to you about this service in the Fall.

free Lawn & Shrub Survey

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Survey includes: accurate measurements, identifications of problem areas; including weeds, insects, & diseases, treatment plan, and price information.

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