Are all the treatments necessary?

Each treatment is seasonally designed to take care of your lawn’s needs at the precise time they need attention. Taking less than the full program can compromise the quality of your lawn. Skipping a treatment also voids our guarantee for the remainder of the season.


Will my lawn be totally weed and insect free?

No lawn care service can promise this—not even the experts at Liqui-Chem. By using the very best of materials we feel that we can reduce the population of weeds and insects to the point that they are not visually noticeable or damaging. If at any time you feel the treatments are not effectively managing the weed and insect populations, please give us a call.


What if I can’t water my lawn?

If you cannot water your lawn due to its size, a water shortage, or for other reasons, the treatments will still be effective. However, your lawn may go semi-dormant or lose its color during hot and dry weather.


Are the materials Liqui-Chem uses harmful to my pets or children?

Liqui-Chem uses only the safest materials. All of these materials are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use on lawns and are applied in strict accordance with the labels. When possible, keep off the lawn for about an hour, this will allow the material to dry enough for continued enjoyment of your lawn.


Will I be left instructions after each treatment?

Yes. Your Liqui-Chem representative will leave you with instructions and a full explanation of the treatment at time of each service. We may also make certain recommendations on mowing, watering, thatching and other cultural care aspects, which can be found on the backside of the invoice. Please follow these instructions and recommendations when possible to maximize the results of the service. If for some reason you cannot follow the instructions on watering or mowing, the treatments will still be effective but the reaction time may slow down.


How does Liqui-Chem control weeds?

Liqui-Chem uses the most effective pre-emergence herbicides available for our area. This material is applied during the cooler months of the year during FALL, WINTER and SPRING while weeds are still in the seed stage. As temperatures warm and the weed seeds germinate the protective barrier formed by this chemical kills each seedling before it germinates and appears above the soil surface. These herbicides will wear off during the summer and you may have some weeds. The Fall and Winterizer application of herbicides will control these weeds.


Can I expect my lawn to look better after each year of service?

Many homeowners believe this is possible, but no lawn service can honestly make this promise. Liqui-Chem can help you make your lawn reach its greatest potential. It can stay this way with your help and continued Liqui-Chem applications.


How will we be billed for the treatments?

An invoice will be left at your home after completion of each treatment. Payment is due upon receipt; an envelope is included for your payment convenience. Liqui-Chem also offers you the opportunity to receive a discount for prepayment of a year’s worth of scheduled services.


Does Liqui-Chem guarantee its service?

Yes! Liqui-Chem guarantees your satisfaction. The key to our success is service. We pride ourselves with supplying you with the best lawn care service possible. If you have a problem, all you have to do is call us, we’ll be right out. Even if we have to repeat the application, your satisfaction is our primary aim. Each treatment is satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days, providing you are a full service customer and have not skipped any scheduled applications.


What do I, as a customer, do if I am unhappy with the results?

Call us. That’s why we’re here…to help you! Nobody is perfect. We make mistakes too. A call to your service branch will put you on schedule for a visit by your lawn specialist. Our job is to serve you. Just a call, that all it takes.


Will my lawn always be green, Spring, Summer and Fall?

The Liqui-Chem program is designed to establish and maintain optimum turf-grass color and vigor throughout the growing season. However, if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with us, especially during the Summer, you may need to water and mow in a special way to help the Liqui-Chem team keep your lawn green. If we suffer a dry period, your Liqui-Chem representative will advise you on special tips for mowing and watering.


How long should it take to service my lawn?

The latest equipment and technology allows Liqui-Chem to make applications to your lawn quickly and efficiently. The savings in labor through this technology is passed on to you, the customer. The average lawn in our area can be sprayed in less than 10 minutes, depending on the number of obstacles in the lawn such as flower beds, gardens, sidewalks and patios.


May I have extra service for special problems?

Yes, Liqui-Chem offers additional services such as:
1) Season long fire ant control (FIPRONIL), 2) Fungicide application for disease control, 3) Granular Organic based fertilizer blend to give your lawn an extra boost, and 4) 100% Natural Organic Granular application to add life giving nutrients to depleted soil. These special applications are provided for you at your request at an additional charge.